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Home Appliances

By keeping food safely chilled, water heater working smoothly, our home appliances and commercial refrigeration systems work behind the scen...


Construction&Energy Supply

By keeping house energy bill low, natural oil&gas moving through pipelines and heating transportation safely, our PU insulation systems ...


Cold Chain Logistics

By keeping food safely chilled, cold storage room working smoothly, our home appliances and cold chain logistics refrigeration systems work ...


Auto Industries

By keeping passenger comfortably seated, minimize in car noise, our auto interior decoration systems work behind the scenes to make driving ...



By applying PU material to shoe bottom, mid-sole, heel and insole, sports player creates new records, improved comfortabilities in all ages....


Home Furniture&Decoration

Whether it's mattresses, frames, office chairs or sofas, polyurethane ensures comfort and elegant design!


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Yadong Chemical Group is a polyurethane technology leader in China serving a wide range of customers in more than 20 countries. Our six main product categories are Polyether Polyols for Rigid Foams, Flexible Foams, High Resilience Foams, CASE, Mining Safety and Polyol Systems. We are committed to providing superior products, services and solutions to ensure energy supply efficiency and building energy efficiency. We provide home appliances, footwears, auto industries, housewear & furniture industries innovative applications, and to provide logistics industry from packaging, reefer containers to cold storage of series of products and solutions. Yadong group has more than 300 employees and a polyether production base with 200,000 tons annual capacity. The new 115,000 SqM polyether plant will be opened in 2018. Yadong group is celebrating its 25 years anniversary in 2017, and released "Creating Chemistry Worldwide" strategy. We are looking forward to creating chemical reactions with you, all over the world!

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